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Ónix USA (“Ónix”) is a financial group that was founded in 2018. Ónix USA’s goal is take care of clients’ financial needs through various credit products as well as business consulting.
Ónix is a subsidiary partner of Oser Capital, an organization focused on financial and energy sector. Oser Capital currently manages more than $1.25 billion USD with annual profits exceeding $7,435,000 USD. In just 18 months of operations, Ónix has managed to grow its portfolios by more than $15 million USD.
Our portfolios can often become an entrance portal into the United States business realm. At Ónix, we understand market needs. It means that in addition to doing our part to increase your wealth, we also offer our clients a wide range of services that strengthen business opportunities in the US.

Ónix operates three investment portfolios:

  • Ónix Ventures I

    Diversified debt fund.

  • Ónix Finance I

    Diversified debt fund.

  • Ónix Capital

    Fund in co-association with varying investors for capital investment in businesses or projects in the United States.

Our funds provide a series of services and assessments to our clients, to respond to their needs and interests in the US.
  • Business consultants
    We put banker contacts at your disposal for opening accounts and soliciting credit in the US.
  • Insurance consultants
    We put our US life insurance specialty partner at your disposal.
  • Tax and accounting consultants
    We put tax and accounting experts at your disposal.
  • Legal support
    We put our legal partners at your disposition for burocratic processes or corporate legal representation in the United States.
  • Real Estate consultants
    Real estate experts in residential, offices or real estate investments.
  • Immigration consultants
    With expertise in visas and other immigration issues.
  • Architects and contractors
    Throughout greater Houston.
  • Property managers and maintenance
    We connect you to our partners in real estate management and upkeep.
  • Decorators
  • Business and investment consultants
$400K USD or higher investments
  • Help acquiring visas
    We present different options with allies in investments that require getting visas.
  • Offices and addresses for managing correspondence
  • Ónix Executive Assistant support for:

    Medical appointments and specialist searches.
    Hotel searches and reservations.
    Airport transfers to and from.
    Third party payment services (utilities, property taxes, credit cards, etc.)
    Assessment of US visa-acquisition issues.

  • Life insurance in the United States

    ÓNIX FINANCIERA USA offers clients no-cost, temporary life insurance for United States coverage for up to 100% of the value of their investments as a legacy protection whose coverage can even be expanded. Covered individuals must comply with US insurance issuers’ established requirements in order to receive insurance policies.

  • Requirements:

    Must make investments greater than $400,000 USD.
    Must hold a valid United States visa.
    Must be in a state of overall good health.
    Must submit to a medical examination in the State of Texas.
    Must be a non-smoker.

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